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Music and Formalities make up the essence of any wedding reception. The team at Le Grand Style Weddings play a pivotal role in all areas of your reception to make sure your night is a huge success. Our aim is simple – to leave you with treasured memories and lasting impressions. We want your guests to tell you “That was the best wedding reception i have ever been to”



There are various music options you may choose for the official entry announcement. You may decide a song for each Bridesmaid & Groomsmen or just a song for when you both enter the room. Other alternatives are songs to be played for each set of parents or you may simply decide to go traditional with natural hand clapping as your preferred option.



Le Grand Style Weddings play appropriate music during meals. The volume is played at a level that allows you and your guests to converse without competing against the music. Every song you hear is carefully selected to cover all age groups and tastes. We discuss meal music sets with you during your pre wedding planning with us.



All speeches are coordinated by our Award Winning MC’s who will deliver the entire order of service from introduction of the bridal party through to the farewell and everything in between. In addition we cover any special announcements throughout the night i.e a guest birthday announcement or a couple in attendance may be celebrating their own anniversary on the same day. We also have both wireless and wired microphones for your convenience should you wish to deliver a speech from your table.

We have a wide range of lighting options available to enhance the ambience of the evening. Our planners can guide you through all various lighting and atmospheric options. It is important to remember not to confuse a wedding reception to a nightclub. Our advice is simple – consider who will be attending your reception, the age groups present and think about the mood you want to create with lighting.



Our Professional MC’s will make an announcement prior to the cutting of the cake. That will allow guests and bridal party time to make their way back to their respective seating positions. The MC will also invite your guests to come forward and take photographs whilst the cake is being cut. Any additional announcements and toasting will also be made during this time.



Deciding the first dance can be stressful for couples, but through the knowledge and experience of Le Grand Style Weddings, we can simplify the process for you. Tempo, mood and style play an important part in the decision making process.
We will guide you through this and provide you with enough information to help you make this important decision.



As the end of the wedding reception approaches, Le Grand Style Weddings co-ordinates all the bouquet/garter and farewell festivities before we send off our newlyweds to begin their new life together. All announcements are made by our Professional MC and we will guide you and your guests through the departure process.